1. Unwitnessed

    If the moon’s eclipse is unseen behind cloud cover…
    …is it still red?

  2. We Have Skin For A Reason

    We have skin for a reason

    The call to attention of a caress
    The desperate cry of a burn
    The mysterious intimacy of a tickle
    The spreading focus of a sting
    The radiating relief of spring sun
    The bite of scraping concrete
    The accelerant pinch on a nipple
    The distant distraction of pebble in shoe
    The scratch of an unreachable itch
    The embarrassment of a sudden slap
    The stick to slip of initial penetration
    The catching stab of briar thorns
    The forearm warmth of the car door
    The aggravation of a paper cut
    The reach for softness in the dark
    The jump of a careless touch of razor
    The unambiguous meaning of contact

  3. curvypervyme:


    Jesus making toast

    Moses; Hebrews Tea

    Lao-Tzu, also Te

  4. When the wrong turn leaves you in the right place

    The first time, I chose to love, as if I could create it. Everyone who looked thought it seemed right. It turned wrong slowly, as I was unwilling to admit I couldn’t fix it.

    The second time, I chose to love, as if it would arise from the practice of being loving. Nearly everyone who looked thought it seemed right. It turned wrong quickly, as she refused to be loved or lovely.

    The last time, I gave up on choosing, and Love chose me. Nearly everyone who looked thought it seemed wrong at first. All that has happened since is Love fixing us, and Love making us loved and lovely.

    If the last time hadn’t come up, I would never have had the perspective to know what had happened the first two times. I would never have been able to see how two wrongs had left me right. Don’t let anyone tell you they can’t.

    [My own prompt caught up with me this evening]

  5. Going to see Peter do a show in someone’s house tomorrow. Be jealous.

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  6. Tonight, I may have a whiskey, ride across the border…

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  7. Between the Doors

    I used to live near a big bookstore, one of the national chains. They had books and magazines downstairs, as well as a coffee shop, and music and movies upstairs. There were plenty of places to sit and sample a book, and the listening stations to sample music. The magazine selection included a number of interesting journals, and they weren’t real particular about if you took one with you into the coffee shop. Sometimes the coffee shop would even have live music. It wasn’t a bad place to go and kill a few hours in the evening, maybe have a coffee, who knows, maybe even meet someone.

    This particular evening was a Friday, at the end of a long week of talking with people all day. As I approached the entrance, someone in front of the doors looked like they were trying to catch my eye, and he kept drifting over into my path. I wasn’t in the mood to small talk with just any random stranger, so I slowed, waited for him to step out towards me, then quickly stepped around him as his foot was still in the air.
    I pulled open the outer door of the entrance and stepped into the vestibule where there were always tables of sale books and fliers. Someone was coming through the inner doors at that same moment, and someone on the other side of the doors locked them behind. Initially I was focused on the person locking the doors: there were still people inside, and it wasn’t the posted closing time. I looked to ask the person standing in the vestibule with me, who turned out to be Lyle Lovett.
    “Oh, hey Lyle.” It just blurted out, without any thought behind it.
    “Hey, um…”
    “Quentin, like the…”
    “I was going to say Saint, but I guess also that. Maybe stick to Saint.”
    “Yeah, but more people know the penitentiary.”
    “There’s also Tarantino.”
    “Again, maybe I stick with Saint. Did you play tonight, and I just missed it?”
    “Yep. Just finished up.”
    “Geez. I hate that.”
    “I know, right? You look all the time, and see nothing, and then you hear about this thing from somebody else.”
    “And it was always awesome. Was it awesome tonight?”
    “It was pretty cool. Small venue.”
    “Of course, I would have loved that.”
    “Sorry. Here’s my bus.”
    “Alright. Have a great evening, Lyle.”
    “You too. Nice meeting you, Quentin.”