1. 22:19 22nd Apr 2014

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    our new album nature’s burrito is out  !    so cool   !!

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    Get out of your everyday listening and get a fresh burrito. It’s full of goodness.

  2. After Anton Chekhov

    Yes, the Moon is lovely.

    Her radiance is heavenly. At night she makes herself the center of a field of star-filled vision. Her movement is graceful, she glides across, beaconing me to follow. She draws on me like she draws a tide of admirers.
    But though she seems to show different sides, it is merely a trick of the light. While she sometimes appears to approach, she stays always remote. I never get close enough to see her blemishes, to see the vacuum she moves in, how lifeless she truly is.
    As long as we never meet, she reflects back to me whatever I project out into the space between us. Her perfection is a function of her distance. Her immortal cycle is nothing like my humanity.

    My realm is in the imperfect, the failed, the beaten who still maintain a constancy that has been fired into them in the heat of their becoming. The beauty for me is there, a beauty I can hope to attain, expect to understand, that may recognize the same in me.

    “Don’t tell me the moon is shining;
    show me the glint of light on broken glass.” 

  3. Three phases

    Sometimes, I’m putting the words to work.
    Sometimes, I’m letting them out to play.
    Right now, I’m taking them to bed.

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    Beginning today, Exhaling Catalysts (EC) will offer a regular writing prompt for tumblr writers. The originator of the prompt will reblog the submissions and posts, usually on the Saturday following the prompt. We hope these prompts will be encouraging and inspirational!

    Week of April 21, 2014

    On it…

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    starjourneytruth asked: I took your advice and made a pecan pie without the pecan. It was simultaneously the best yet worst decision of my life and I definitely don't regret it!

    Always glad to help anyone achieve what they can through pie.
    Wait, “worst”?!

  6. Starting to get ready, I’ve got some branches to clear, going to update the firepit for better airflow, and I’m going to take the dead apple tree down [sigh]. Other than that, there’s work to do, submissions to make, a reading get-together, and a roadtrip. By the middle of May there’ll be a need to step back and relax with a campfire party. First of the season this year, another of a continuing series. The blooms will all be gone, but they matter less at night anyway.

    If you’re going to be in the DC area on May 17th this year, let me know, and I’ll get you an invite. There will be creatives from the worlds of literature, theater, music, film, photography, fashion, woodwork, and dance likely to be there, so you could probably find someone to talk to. If all else fails, you can sit and have a drink and stare at the flames.

  7. Hey Martin, good to see you.